Christmas market and celebration at RIS Swiss Section – German-speaking School Bangkok


On 14th December 2016, RIS Swiss Section - Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok invited all friends of the school to its Christmas market and celebration – traditionally a very popular event. Once again a lot of guests enjoyed the festive atmosphere.

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This year, parents organized a Christmas market in the Sports Hall, which, alongside crafts, was a place to sample international delicacies, such as homemade cookies, and take part in different festive activities. Santa Claus and even a doll doctor made an appearance and our young guests were happy.

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The official event began at 3pm with Christmas workshops organized by the school students with many activities, food and crafts, both in front of and inside the various classrooms. Afterwards, guests were greeted on the sports field by Simon Dörig, the Principal of RIS Swiss Section - Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok. It was a fitting occasion to bid farewell to all students leaving RIS Swiss Section - Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok at the end of the 2016. Later, everyone enjoyed the fabulous Christmas performances presented by the primary students, Kindergarten and Lernzwerge. Noelle Müller and Deniz Akay moderated the festive program. Pastors Ulrich Holste-Helmer and Joerg Dunsbach read the nativity story in the music room.

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From 6pm onwards a Christmas buffet offered typical Christmas dishes and later visitors were entertained with live music performances by the students on the sports field. At 8pm the official program of the Christmas celebration concluded with a Christmas Tree Auction.

RIS Swiss Section - Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok was able to present this wonderful event with the help and support of many parents of our students and other members of our school community. Thank you very much!

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