Welcoming Ceremony

It is a beautiful tradition that at the beginning of the new school year, the school of the ris Swiss Section - German-speaking school of Bangkok - will be a For example, on Monday, 20. August 2018, all students and students, teachers, employees and many parents and friends of the school in the gym were able to participate in the gymnasium in 2018/19 Commit.
Among the guests were the deputy head of mission of the Swiss Embassy, Mr Pierre Hagmann, and the permanent representative of the ambassador of the German Embassy, Mr Jan Scheer, who were very happy to have followed the invitation to this celebration. They were particularly interested in students and students, and they continued to wish the school much success We also received a high visit from our partner ris: Father api sit, Daniel Smith and khun sudarat attended the opening ceremony.
The Headmaster, Mr Simon Dörig, wish all children a successful and exciting school year. Then he presented the college and the administrationsteam to the guests present.
After that, Mr Jens Eggert, the head of secondary education, and the head of primary education, Mrs Johanna Vänskä, the new children and young people at school.
Musically, the opening ceremony was held with several music, made of pupils and pupils of classes 5 to 7.
At the end of the celebration, students and students visited the school and the parents and friends of the school had the opportunity to end the atmospheric celebration for coffee and refreshments.

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